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Vince Samperio of Chavez Ravine Fiends and Jeff Snider of Baseball Essential talk about the Los Angeles Dodgers.
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Jul 27, 2016

Vince Samperio and Jeff Snider are back with another episode that Los Angeles Dodgers fans are sure to love or like or tolerate or something! We talked about the past week in Dodgers news, including every pitcher getting hurt; why so much negativity surrounds a team that is having a very good season; and what numbers Chris Sale and Chris Archer will wear for the Dodgers.

We had a lot of good answers to last week's Question of the Week about the Hall of Shame. This week's question is:

What four people would you put on the Dodgers Mount Rushmore? List four people -- not three or five -- and we will tally up the votes and decide on a definitive Dodgers Mount Rushmore next week.

Thanks for listening! Send your questions and QotW answers on Twitter @ScullyAve, and follow us @VinceSamperio and @snidog.

Jul 19, 2016

It was a rough weekend for Dodgers fans, but Vince and Jeff are here to cheer you up. We talked about the series loss to the D-Backs, Joc Pederson's imminent return, and a lot of other things.

We had a ton of answers to last week's Question of the Week, so thanks for those. This week's QotW: Who is in your Dodgers Hall of Shame? Tell us who the worst Dodgers were.

Thanks for listening. Keep following us at @ScullyAve, @VinceSamperio, and @snidog.

Jul 13, 2016

Vince and Jeff talked about the last six games before the All-Star break, which included three straight losses and then three straight wins for the Dodgers. Lots of good answers to last week's Question of the Week (most pleasant first-half surprise), and we hope to follow it up with this week's QotW:

What non-Dodger do you wish was a Dodger? This was inspired by Jeff watching the Home Run Derby and just dreaming of Giancarlo Stanton in Dodger Blue.

Tweet your answers to @ScullyAve, and follow @VinceSamperio and @snidog, too.

Jul 6, 2016

Lots to talk about this week! The Dodgers have three guys in their starting rotation who weren't there a week ago (Brandon McCarthy, Bud Norris, and Hyun-jin Ryu), and they have three guys on the All-Star team (Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen, and Corey Seager). We also talked a bit about trade deadline stuff in response to listener emails.

Lots of good answers to last week's Question of the Week about what you will miss most about Vin Scully. Be sure to go to and search for Vin Scully to buy some unique Vinny t-shirts.

This week's QotW is: Who is the most pleasant surprise of the first half for the Dodgers?

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