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Vince Samperio of Chavez Ravine Fiends and Jeff Snider of Baseball Essential talk about the Los Angeles Dodgers.
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Jan 31, 2017

Not a ton going on in the Dodgers world today, so Jeff and Vince answered some listener questions, talked about the bullpen options, and talked about Dodgers trivia. Here's a link to the Sporcle quiz mentioned in the episode -- take the quiz before you listen if you want to!

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Jan 24, 2017

Most of today's episode is a discussion of the Dodgers' acquisition of second baseman Logan Forsythe in exchange for pitching prospect Jose De Leon. We talked about the fan reaction, how it affects the lineup, and what it might mean for Chase Utley's future, among other things.

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Jan 18, 2017

Vince brought a non-Dodgers topic today, asking about the weird dynamic around PEDs and Curt Schilling's controversial status. Jeff brought two Dodgers topics: a rumination about the volatility of a few of the guys showing up in vastly different spots on various prospect lists, and the idea of Chris Taylor being the starting second baseman (or trade fodder for Javy Baez).

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Jan 11, 2017

Lots of questions today regarding the stalled Brian Dozier trade talks. The Dodgers will have a second baseman, but no one knows who it will be, including Vince and Jeff. We also talked about why it's not a big deal that the Dodgers haven't signed any non-returning free agents, partly because the three returning free agents were three of the top four free agents on the market, and partly because they were already a really good team with plenty of built-in room for improvement.

Vince's topic was who your favorite team would be if the Dodgers ceased to exist. A pretty lengthy discussion about that led to this week's Question of the Week, which is actually three questions:

If the Dodgers moved to Montreal and became the Montreal Dodgers, would your fandom follow them or would you find a new favorite team? What if they became the Montreal Mounties? And finally, what if they were the Montreal Dodgers but they changed their color scheme to orange and black?

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Jan 5, 2017

In this episode, Vince and Jeff had their first draft, choosing a team of players who played well for the Dodgers but played more in their careers with another team. The first two picks in the draft with Mike Piazza and Manny Ramirez; you'll have to listen to find out the rest.

Also, during our mailbag segment, we accidentally gained a sponsor: @DipdTruck, which appears to be a food truck that does French dip sandwiches. Jeff and Vince are both firm supporters of food trucks and French dip sandwiches, so whether they like it or not, they are now our sponsor.

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